Yuma Prospects offers ACT/SAT Prep classes and will assist students with NCAA eligibility requirements. The methodology is progressive, building, and to master strategies on how to best answer questions, identify distractions, and conduct process of elimination through word knowledge.  The focus is to be BRILLIANT at the BASICS with Math, English, Science, Reading and Writing. The focus will also be on MOST COMMONLY MISSED questions and to answer BASIC QUESTIONS 100% correctly.


21 is the National Average. Objective is a 25-31 ACT score. NCAA has changed ACT/SAT eligibility requirements but still recommend that high school students take the ACT/SAT due to many universities still requiring them.

Yuma Prospects - ACT Prep/Math Tutoring. Players helping each other out @Yuma Main Library.

 Yuma Prospects ACT Prep night @Starbucks, Yuma, AZ. Great job to these young student-athletes working on Friday afternoon after school.